My Rides

Friday, January 14, 2011


Planning to enter several mountain bike races as a beginner this spring/summer/fall.  This is my health/fitness outlet - long overdue.  Got a Cannondale 29er hard-tail a few years ago.  Rode each summer without any plan, determination or structure, and had some fun.

Now it's time to turn the corner and get in shape, and have some serious fun.  Been watching Lance in Le Tour, and in Leadville and got motivated.  My goal, since last year, is to ride in the Leadville 100 ( mountain bike race in August 2012.

As I get into a structured endurance cycling training program - from Chris Carmichael's "Time Crunched Cyclist" - and start to look at local races to prepare me, I realize that it may be a little further away than 2012.  We'll see.    There are some pretty cool local endurance events that I expect will leave a "clydesdale" like myself pretty satisfied.

I'm 6 weeks into Chris' "New Competitor" program and already my aerobic pace (at HR 120-140) my speed on the trainer has increased from 12-14 mph to 15-16.5 mph.  I'll have to get power data on my trainer to know what that means.

So, events planned for this year: