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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Barry-Roubaix 2011

Signed up for the Barry-Roubaix "Killer Gravel Road Race" today.
I'm in week 12 of my training program, and will try to stretch it out until the race to keep the fitness/endurance I (hope that I) developed this winter.  The cold I've had since Christmas is finally past, and I'm feeling good on the bike.  The new Brooks saddle is helping with that (I'll write a review & post some pics comparing saddles, and illustrating the look on the bike, etc.).

There are three race lengths, 65 mile, 35 mile, and 23 mile.  I think I could have placed ahead of last on the 35 mile, but this will be my first race, and I figure small steps is a good idea.  I'll be new to riding in a group, and probably burn a lot of nervous energy waiting for the race to start, etc.

I will be accepting sponsorship for the race.  I'm looking for a complete Surly Crosscheck (Robins Egg Blue, 58cm), so if you got one of those I can have, I'll be happy to advertise.