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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Barry-Roubaix: Getting Ready

Well, the race is here this weekend.  I've been going out for training rides in Hines Park, and in the neighborhood.  The goal in Hines Park has been to "hammer down" and ride 2 hours, burn at least 3000 calories, and simulate the race effort, exhaustion, etc.  Two down, one to go (tomorrow). 

The neighborhood rides have been to get a reality check on my pace on muddy dirt roads (there are a few nearby).  I'll go on a short ride with the skinny (700cx37mm Continental Travel Contact), and then change to my wheel with a (29x2.1) Kenda Small Block 8 and re-ride the same road.  Definitely planning to ride the fat tire, as the weather degrades, and the rain continues to fall (looks like highs of 32 for the race).
Continental Travel Contact Reflex Urban Bicycle Tire with DuraSkin (700x37)
Continental Travel Contact (700c x 37mm - my commute / trainer tyre)

Kenda Small Block 8 XC Mountain Bike Tire (DTC, Folding, 29x2.1)
Kenda Tomac Small Block 8 (29" x 2.1" - my hard-pack off-road tire)
The (first) bib shorts I ordered were way too big, and I definitely will appreciate the few seconds shaved without adjusting shorts.  Their replacements arrived today, and fit as perfect as such a thing can on fat folks.  (I've already been making muscles in the mirror, and admiring my shoulder to knee spandex look.)
Definitely experiencing the nerves.  Have to adjust or tighten something on the bike every night, and stress about whether my seat-post is going to slip, and if I should just put in my non-setback aluminum one (yes, I put this stuff on, but still slips 10-20 mm in 30 min - went back to the OE seat collar, cleaned everything, so we'll see tomorrow). 
Finish Line Fiber Grip Carbon Fiber Bicycle Assembly Gel, 1.75-Ounce Tube 
I check and double check that my "grab bag" has all the stuff in it that it should:
  1. Helmet
  2. Hat (under helmet)
  3. Gloves
  4. Water Bottles (2)
  5. Gatorade Bottles (3x1/2 gallon jugs with which to fill water bottles, and drink from)
  6. Arm Warmers
  7. Leg Warmers
  8. Shoes
  9. Toe Covers
  10. Spare Seatpost
  11. Tools
  12. Hockey Tape
  13. Shock Pump
  14. Big 'ol pump
  15. Tubes
  16. GU Roctane (yes trying the best of breed stuff - this is a race, and homey don't run no NASCAR pit, this is a F1 pit, YO)
  17. Maps to the race, to the hotel...