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Sunday, April 17, 2011

S.U.B. (Sport Utility Bike) - Build, Part 2

Progress this weekend includes:
  • Install bottom-bracket (Nashbar ISIS 113mm, $28)
  • Install crankset (Nashbar Mountain 44/32/22t, $35)
  • Install rear Derailleur (Nashbar Mountain, $3)
  • Install front Derailleur (Nashbar Road, $17)
  • Build front wheel & install
    • Mavic A119 32H Rim (Universal Cycles, $27)
    • Shimano XT 32H Hub (Universal Cycles, $44)
    • Wheelsmith double-butted spokes (Universal Cycles, $16)
    • Wheelsmith spoke nipples (Universal Cycles, $3.20)
    • Schwalbe Big Apple (29x2.35, had it in the garage - what a monster, eh?)
  • Strip paint from spare Cannondale brake lever & install (free-ish)

Most of this was pretty straight forward.  The bottom bracket went in smoothly with some Phil Wood waterproof grease.
Phil Wood 3-Ounce Grease Tube
The crankset took a little more work requiring banging with a mallet - one side of the BB spindle rested on a piece of 2x4.  After banging it on, and tightening completely, I then removed it with a crank-puller, cleaned it out completely (there were some shavings), re-greased and reinstalled.  The re-installation only required a tap to get the bolts to engage threads.  

As mentioned in the previous post I'm trying to build with silver-ish parts where I can.  The lever was originally painted black.  I inherited a grinding wheel with a box of attachments (including wire brushes, and polishing wheels) from my Grandfather, so I set out to see what I could accomplish.  This is brushed, but not polished.  It's a mountain lever, so it's I.D. was originally around 22.2 mm.  With a spindle sander I opened it up enough to fit my 23.8 mm bars.  Originally I had planned bar-end shifters.
Shimano SL-BS77 Dura Ace Double/Triple Bar End Shifters (9-Speed)

Since the frame has down-tube shifter mounts, I plan to get a reverse lever to install in the bar-end, sometime down the road.  This will look cleaner, and let me hide the brake wire under the bar tape.
Tektro RX 4.1 Reverse Brake Levers, 164 grams, Silver