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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stickers on my bike

I have stickers on my bike.  I think they're worth showing / discussing:
I do (love Miso).  It's good, and good for you.  I used to travel to Japan a lot for business, and know that around Nagoya they eat red miso, but near Tokyo they eat white miso.  I don't know why, or remember the difference.  I found this sticker in a book / stationary store I visit a lot.

It says:  "Caution!  Be careful of this person.  This person could be dangerous."  Silly, and pretty fair assessment of my cycling skill.  I'm a fan of "engrish" (silly things in English seen in Japan / China / etc.).  I found this in a department store in Japan.
It says:  "I am the runaway train."  Another silly sticker from Japan.  I put it on the top tube, where many cyclist often put motivational photos or sayings.  It really just makes me giggle, though.
Ahh, Faygo.  Detroit's soda-pop.  I drank it (and Nehi, remember Nehi) growing up - usually grape and not red-pop, but beggars (for stickers) can't be choosers.

Detroit Derby Girls.  I got this after taking my wife to see roller-derby, Detroit style (yes, they actually still do that - no, not quite like in the movie, but pretty close).

I want to add one more (specifically, I usually just acquire silly things spontaneously) - a Detroit Red Wings winged wheel for the opposite side of the down-tube.