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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bike Light - Concept

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Going to build a approx. 10 W LED (ridiculously bright) light for my bike.  Interesting, and perhaps unique features of my light:

  1. Strong thermal connection between LED/Driver, entire housing, AND bike.  Most lights don't seem to take advantage of the fact that the bike can sink some heat too - using plastic mounts, not-very-conductive-looking paths to the mount.  Face-plate and upper bar-clamp will be 1 piece aluminum (2" square bar or 2" hex bar).
  2. Uses recycled (free) Northbridge (from a PC motherboard) heat-sink, that packs a lot of fin area in a lightweight package (>20 sq. in, 1-5/8"x1-5/8"x1", <40 g).
  3. Should be easily machined with access to files, band-saw and drill-press (so, no lathe or mill required)

Here's a concept sketch, a picture of the LED/Driver module I've ordered, and a picture of a Northbridge heat-sink:

Source:  Lux-RC Labs
Zalman ZM-NB32K Northbridge Aluminum Chipset Cooler